Sales Support

Sales Support

Technomart365 boosts your sales efforts by providing you with complete information about your target accounts, and helps you get a strategic insight for more effective and exhaustive penetration of existing and new accounts.

Acquire business intelligence with data marketing support from Technomart365. Secure B2B contacts that are 100% phone and email verified. With our exceedingly personalized B2B list building services consistent with your requirements, score above the traditional industry-wide email blasts.

Contact Discovery Services

Finding the right contact in a target enterprise requires high-level business intelligence. Technomart365 provides highly customized contact discovery services, based on our understanding of your products or services and your target market. To identify the right contact in a related company, we employ various data mining tools including various social networking sites, like LinkedIn, etc., and subsequently verify and validate that information via phone and email. know more about Contact Discovery Services.

Lead Qualification Services

To help your sales team, touch base with prospects that are pre-qualified, we use best practices and our proven methodology including verifying and validating the leads to separate common inquiries from sales ready leads. Know more about Lead Qualification Services.

  • With our customized scan and profiling of your targeted account in your destination market, we support you in constantly refining your product solutions for optimal demand generation, and tailoring your sales and marketing messages to gain competitive positioning. Know more about Account Profiling Services.
  • With event data management services at Technomart365, draw significant ROI besides gaining huge audiences for your seminars and webinars, and fully-packed meeting booths and auditoriums, and conference halls. To help you improve both your conversion rate and reach to your targeted prospects, we can create a completely tailored and validated trade and event marketing list. Know more about Event Data Management Services.
  • In the third step we try to engage with these audiences to get maximum conversions as your permanent customers.
  • Finally posting information periodically to build the trust of audiences and adding advertisements about offers to lure them to purchase your product or service.